October 4, 2023

1 Samuel 4:21 (NKJV)

“Then she named the child Ichabod, saying, ‘The glory has departed from Israel!’ because the ark of God had been captured and because of her father-in-law and her husband.”

Ichabod. Was a terrifying name. Yet, a reality. Ichabod implies that there was a time when there was God’s Glory on an individual or nation, and this glory was visible. A glory that is not visible is not a glory that can be noticed when it departs. Unfortunately, many people who once lived and experienced God’s glory have not been vigilant enough to notice when the glory departed. It is a strange but sad thing to have God’s glory depart from you, and you still continue life as normal. Of course, the glory does not usually depart suddenly, but in phases and stages. We need to be attentive to this.

Our deepest cry is that the Glory of God in our lives will increase in leaps and bounds, and not decrease, or depart. When Jesus was physically here on earth with Peter and the other disciples, He allowed them to perform miracles when they went out on their short-term mission exposure. But after Jesus left and the Holy Spirit came down on them, they entered into a new level of glory. For example, Peter preached one message, and thousands believed. How was that even possible? Did Jesus preach and thousands believe in one day? What kind of glory was this? Even Peter’s shadow healed people. Amazing!!

This is our prayer and desire. Ichabod is not for us. We are not thinking of Ichabod because it’s not our portion. But as pilgrims, we do carry a responsibility to prevent Ichabod from happening to others. We need to pray for our generation. We need to ask the Lord to open the eyes of His people to see those things that could create Ichabod. And if we see or sense that the glory of God has left or is leaving some people, church, or nation, then it is our responsibility to earnestly pray for them.

Think of Europe, for example, and how they have entered Ichabod. Be attentive also about your own life, lest you likewise fall into the Ichabod experience. Prayerfully reject it. Refuse it. Stand against it. Receive God’s promise that you will increase from “glory to glory.” Let that be your daily prayer focus and expectation. I repeat; Ichabod is not your portion. Your portion is to increase in His glory, and not to decrease. Set your vision on this.

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