October 12, 2023

1 Samuel 7:10

“Now as Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to battle against Israel. But the LORD thundered with a loud thunder upon the Philistines that day, and so confused them that they were overcome before Israel.”

Wait for the thunder. It may not happen as quickly as you want but wait for the thunder of God against your enemies. Your job is to be faithful in prayer and waiting, knowing that He is faithful and He hears and responds. Sometimes, even after praying, it may seem that nothing has changed, but God is working out something far deeper and more profound than you can understand or fathom. He is preparing the scene to shame Satan in a special way.

In fact, after you have prayed and you believe God has answered you, He may still allow Satan to advance for a while – and this may seem confusing. But don’t let it confuse you. Our God is the greatest of strategists. He gives the enemy ground to advance so that He can deal a perfect blow against him. Your job is to believe and wait, even when you don’t understand.

When Samuel prayed, the Bible says, “and the Lord answered him” (verse 49). Yet, as he was presenting his burnt offering, the Philistines began to advance against Israel. Can you imagine that? On the surface, it would seem like nothing had changed. On the surface, it would look like Satan was making progress, despite Samuel’s prayers. But as I mentioned earlier, it was all a setup for a more glorious victory. This was like a repeat of the armies of Pharoah at the Red Sea. God allowed them to advance upon Israel so that He could thunder on them and give Israel a greater victory.

Wait for the thunder. Don’t focus on the oncoming army of opposition. Once you are sure of your victory in the place of prayer, wait for God to move. Don’t shake because Satan seems to be making progress towards you. Don’t feast your eyes on what Satan is doing. Wait for the thunder of God. Wait for God’s move. And then move as well. Let your move coincide with God’s move. After the Lord thundered, the Bible says, “The Lord confused them.” Part of the effect of God’s thunder is to throw the enemy into disarray so that they don’t know what they are doing. After confusion comes the opportunity to pursue them and drive them back (vs 11).

God will bring a great victory over those who seek your downfall. He will thunder against them. He will confuse them. You will pursue them and push them back. So, don’t fret if it has not happened yet. Pray earnestly. And then wait for the thunder. It is coming.

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