Dr. Chinedu Oranye



“Thou Hast Formed Us For Thyself, And Our Hearts Are Restless Till They Find Rest In Thee.” — St. Augustine.
Dr. Chinedu Oranye self-identifies as a restless pilgrim — a description that summarises his relentless pursuit after God. His firm conviction is that Man can never find rest outside a growing understanding and experience of God Himself, and Man’s greatest life pursuits must be anchored in Christ. Every other pursuit is vanity. All of his teachings and writings are therefore centered on helping us rediscover the wonders of God and on re-aligning our perspectives to God’s paradigm for our lives, as revealed in Christ. Irrespective of where we are in the journey of life, true rest will only come as we fully align with God through Christ. Dr. Chinedu’s simple and passionate teachings bring God’s divine revelations to a place of simple understanding and application.