Psalms 14:1 (NKJV)

‘The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”…There is none who does good.’

Your action is tied to your beliefs. If you do not vocalize it yet deep within your heart, you don’t really believe God exists, it affects what you do. It is foolish to expect the foolish to act wisely, when wisdom is exclusive to those who believe in God. We become foolish when we don’t understand that those who don’t believe in God cannot be good. And even if what they do seems good, God will not recognize it as good because it flows from the fount of unbelief.

But unbelief can be buried deep within the heart of even the believer. We may believe in some areas of easy challenge and then fall into unbelief when the challenge is great. We may believe when things go well but then fall into the crisis of unbelief when we fall on hard times. Once we allow our hearts to inwardly whisper quietly, ‘God can’t do this’, we have fallen into the unbelief of saying ‘There is no God’. Belief says, ‘There is God. Even when I don’t understand Him, there is God. Irrespective of how long I’ve had to wait for Him to manifest, there is God. Even if He never answers my prayers and hard times or sorrow fall on me because of His seeming inactivity, there is God’. These are the tough confessions of those who refuse to be fools.

Are you a believing fool?

‘Lord, I refuse to be a fool. Yes, I have had my share of doubts but am growing past those right now. I am learning that irrespective of whatever, I must never doubt you nor join the company of fools who do. You are my God. I know you. I have seen you work for me and work on me and work with me. I see you on the pages of the Holy Script. I hear you in the testimonies of others. I experience your majesty just looking at nature. I cannot doubt you. Indeed, I’ll be the greatest fool to doubt you. So please, keep my faith alive and strong. And when temptations fall on me and things happen that I cannot understand, teach me to still keep my focus on your faithfulness, on your power, and on your goodness. Even when my mind doesn’t always want to or cannot fully comprehend a difficult situation, teach me to believe in you. As the man of old prayed, “I believe but help my unbelief”. Amen.’

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