DAY 19: Don’t Shut Up!

January 8, 2017

 ‘O Father, how can You be silent while these parasite preachers turn the death of Christ into a toy for personal pleasure seeking? How can You be quiet while the Saints of old who now dwell with You, cry, even as they behold their labors being bastardized by men who have never encountered or experienced the divine flame in their bosoms? Will You not shut them up O Lord?’

But I hear my Lord say, ‘Let the wheat and the tares grow together until the final day.’

‘But Lord, many will be lost thinking the tares are the wheat? Many will be feeding on tares because they didn’t know any better. How can we be silent to let this happen?’

‘I have not asked you to be silent. I have called you to preach and to speak and to warn and to inform. While men slept, Satan sowed the tares. But I urge you not to sleep but to be alert and vigilant, to be discerning and outspoken. For the things I am showing you in the closet, pronounce on the rooftops. The things I am making you feel in your bosom, shout it out. Don’t you know that all I am passing you through is not for you alone? The fiery burnings within your heart and the deep longings you feel are not for you alone. As I did with the prophets of old, their experiences were for the greater good of the greater majority. But only few will listen and understand, and this must not discourage you. Your job is done when you make the declarations of God to the sons of men. That’s why you can’t be like everybody else. That’s why you need to concentrate on being whom I have made you be and called you to be. If you remain the same as others, then you lose the authority to declare me to them. Do you understand this? I am raising a generation of burning hearts who will silence the lies of the soothsaying preachers of this generation. And you must be part of that generation of burning hearts; who pride themselves in nothing but that their innermost being is on fire for God and not for the earth. The new generation of burning hearts knows that their engagement with the world is to make men return to their divine inheritance and to uphold the historical inheritance of truth passed down through the ages. Do you then understand your calling?’

‘Yes Lord. Here I am. Send me.’

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