The Secret of Meditating (II)

There is so much more depth to Scripture than what readily meets the eye at the first reading. Some truths will never be found until you take the time to sit and stare at the text, carefully considering its contents and implications.

Apparent contradictions sometimes contain the greatest truths. Some portions have much more than one application.

One of the best ways to meditate in God’s word is by asking questions of the text.

When a sentence or phrase appears to make no apparent contribution to the passage, I will gaze upon it to consider why the Holy Spirit included it. When a verse seems to be purposely oblique or mysterious, my curiosity gets aroused. When a verse appears to be blatantly obvious, I become suspicious that there may be depths of truth therein that I could all too easily overlook.

-Bob Sorge,

“The Secret of the Secret Place”

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