The Secret of Meditating (III)

Because of our sinfulness, all of us have deposits of “evil treasure” within us. But by meditating in the word, we are depositing “good treasure” within our inner being.

Good does displace evil. The deposit of goodness we have absorbed will be evidenced through new patterns of speech and conduct. In a word, we’ll be more Christlike.

Once you come alive to the delight of meditating in God’s word, you’ll become addicted. The secret place will become your favorite place, even moreso in some regards than the congregation of saints, because it’s the place where Jesus feeds you personally.

/When the Holy Spirit custom-fits the Word to your life circumstances, the sustaining power of His personalized word has the ability to carry you through great tribulation. This is the true fountain of life!

-Bob Sorge,

“The Secret of the Secret Place”

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