Psalms 7:1-2 (NKJV)

‘O Lord my God, in You I put my trust; save me from all those who persecute me; And deliver me, Lest they tear me like a lion…’

The summary of all we need to survive the wild terrain of life is trust in the Lord. We must simply put all our trust in God despite the storms and the winds and the aggressiveness of all the lions that seeks to tear us apart. Because we belong to the Lord, the lions are multiplied; the wicked seek above all to see our downfall and shame. Every day, they scheme our destruction. But we have hope; we have only one hope: the Lord is our hope.

We dare not trust in our skills or our wisdom to overcome the lions. We dare not trust in our strength or knowledge. We dare not trust in Man- for all will fail us. Only God Almighty is able to save us from the wicked generation that takes pleasure in pursuing our failure and fall. And God is sufficient to deal with the lions that roam our world. God is sufficient for them.

Trust Him. Don’t doubt. Don’t shake. Don’t wait to understand. Just trust. And let Him do what He knows how to do best.

‘So Lord, again I come to you with no other plea but for you to uphold and deliver me from the wild lions that roam the plains. If I was to ever try to overcome them by myself, I will surely be devoured in no time at all. But my hope is in you Lord. Because of your covenant with me through Jesus, I can have total and implicit faith in your goodness and I know that that shall always be my wellness and deliverance. Where else shall I turn to but thee? But thou O Lord art more than sufficient for me and unto thee shall I wait and hope and trust, through Jesus. Amen.’

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