November 16, 2016

Psalms 17:7-8 (NKJV)

‘Show Your marvelous lovingkindness by Your right hand… Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings’

I don’t need much in life. In fact, I only need three things in life and I will be entirely satisfied. If I have these three things, I will fear no evil nor have any other concerns in life. The first is that God will always show me His loving kindness by His own right hand. I don’t care about having or not having loving kindness from anyone else, once I receive it from the hand of my Lord. My second need is that God would always keep me as the apple of His eye. If I am the apple of God’s eye, then where else can be more secure, more cared for and more preserved? My third and final need is that God hides me in His presence. If I am hidden under the wings of God, what else can I want in life?

And thankfully, I have all these three things through Christ. Christ is therefore my only desire and need in life. In Christ, I have the loving-kindness of the Most High. In Christ, I am the very apple of God’s eye. In Christ, I always dwell under His canopy. How? Because in Christ, my spirit dwells in God and in God, all these things are default. So what more can I desire out of life, that has not already been provided for by Christ and in Christ? O! Praise God.

Is Christ your only need?

‘Thank you, Lord Jesus, for in you, all my life’s desires are satisfied. Thank you, Jesus, because in you, I have no other need because I dwell in the very heart of the Most High God. I rejoice in your work of redemption and translation from my old life to this new location in God. I live in eternal gratitude for your work of love on me. Amen.’

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