Written By TheRestlessPilgrim

December 1, 2016

I invite you into my world of groanings, struggles and encounters with God. I invite you into my heart-journey and some of God’s dealings with me. I invite you to approach God with me, kneeling with me at the feet of Jesus. I invite you to journey with me into a personal retreat; into a season of reflection and prayers.

The next 60 Days require a heart preparation and a consistency of discipline to walk through the daily reflections and prayers. All of the discourses are largely my raw and unedited personal notes & prayers.

It’s my prayer that you will not rush through these reflections, but meditate on them. I’ll be posting one Reflection-Prayer every two days. It’s also my prayer that the Spirit of Jesus breathes upon us as we reflect on these posts. In these next 60 Days, I earnestly desire God to challenge our life paradigms & priorities.

Welcome to the retreat.

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